A Happier, Healthier You!

Dental Exams and Cleanings

At Infinite Smiles, we provide comprehensive dental exams and cleanings for our patients.  We all know taking time out of our busy schedules is difficult.  Our goal is to prevent visits to the Dentist in between regular scheduled cleanings!

Protect Your Teeeth!

We offer multiple solutions to your dental hygiene and protections.  Whether you require a little boost in fluoride, sealants or assistance with proper protection, we have you covered!


We provide same day treatment for most of our patients to accommodate life, which can be hectic.  With options such as nitrous and tooth colored material, we offer exceptional work in a timely, professional and anxiety free manner.


Sometimes the pain is unbearable.  Sometimes the best solution to fix a problem is to remove the problem entirely.  Dr. Day has very gentle hands and prides herself on her extraction techniques.

Root Canals

Performing a root canal combines both skill and a steady hand.   Whether you had a previous crown fail or a toothache for days, Dr. Day has you covered.

Common Misconceptions

  • If I brush correctly then I don't need to floss
  • The whiter the teeth, the healthier they are
  • Dental Treatment costs a fortune