Invisalign - a discreet way to get that Perfect Smile!

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that takes a modern approach to achieving that beautiful smile you will want to show off.  Invisalign involves a series of custom made aligner trays which are worn over your teeth.  The best part is they are smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible!

Perks to Invisalign over traditional braces:

  • Barely noticeable
  • Removable, allowing for easy brushing and flosing
  • Provides a clear and defined treatment plan throughout the entire process

I am sure you are asking, "Can Invisalign  fix my smile?"  This system can correct a wide range of straightening issues, such as: incorrect bite alignments, overcrowded teeth, widely spaced or gaped teeth and more.  In the middle of Invisalign treatment herself, Dr. Day can  attest first hand to how simple and comfortable the system truly is.

Faster, More Beautiful Smile

Dr. Day has performed numerous successful Invisalign cases.  When you come in for your evaluation, ask to see her Invisalign portfolio

Click below to get  the sexiest smile in El Paso, without the use of metal wires.

fix my smile comfortably