teeth whitening solutions

Why do teeth discolor?

Everyone has a unique set of teeth which can discolor or stain in different ways to different degrees.  Here are some common culprits:

  • Coffee
  • Iced or Herbal Tea
  • Red Wine
  • Smoking Cigarettes or Cigars
  • Using Smokeless Tobacco
  • Certain Antibiotics
  • Tap Water in areas with High Mineral Content

How does whitening work?

Whitening products are applied to the teeth and breaks down into water and oxygen ions.  These oxygen ions penetrate the enamel where they attack and break down long stain molecules into short/colorless ones which are then naturally removed by saliva.

The intensity of the whitening gels is related to the contact time and amount of oxygen ions produced.

Whitening Strengths and Options

Carbamide Peroxide is broken down into Hydrogen Peroxide and thus provides a lesser strength of active ingredients. Approximately 1% of Hydrogen Peroxide equates to 3% of Carbamide Peroxide. 

We have 3 different options designed to suit your needs: