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If you have a broken down, decayed, or a fractured tooth a crown may be the optimal way to preserve your tooth.  Dr. Martha Day offers crown services at  her private practice Infinite Smiles in El Paso, Texas.  

Whether you are looking for a restorative or cosmetic crown, or you need to replace an existing crown, Dr. Day offers you a solution to maintain you natural smile.

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Dental Crowns - A way to maintain your real teeth

What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns are essentially strong, custom made caps which are made to cover your damaged tooth.  They are manufactured with porcelain or composite materials in order to look and feel like your real teeth!  If you have a broken down, fractured,  or decayed tooth, Dr. Day may recommend a crown to protect the tooth.

How will a dental crown benefit me?

The ultimate goal of placing a dental crown is to preserve the tooth and prevent further damage or decay.  Dr . Day aims at providing preventative care and takes an approach to help you maintain your natural teeth first instead of simply extracting them.

Dr. Day also frequently utilizes a dental crown in cosmetic cases to achieve that enhanced smile.

Some of the benefits:

  • protects a weak tooth from breaking
  • strengthening teeth
  • restore a tooth after a root canal
  • support a badly damage tooth from decay
  • mask tooth discolorations
  • restore tooth to original shape and size

How is it done?

Prior to placing a crown, Dr. Day must first prepare your regular tooth by removing all decay and reducing its size in order to make space for the crown to correctly cap and protect it.  She might numb the area to reduce discomfort if necessary.

Dr. Day will then take impressions of your teeth to create a mold in order to get the dental crown to look and feel natural.  After deciding on a shade to color match the dental crown to your natural teeth, she will send it off to the lab to be made.

Since the placement typically takes place over at least two office visits, Dr. Day will place a temporary restoration to protect the problem tooth while the lab is making your custom permanent crown.

Dental Crown FAQs

Can I get a cavity underneath a crown? 

  • Yes, you need to treat it like if it was your natural tooth, therefore floss daily, brush twice a day for two minutes and use a mouth rinse. 

How long will my crown last? 

  • If you take care of your crown it can last for many years. 
  • If you are a heavy grinder or don’t have proper hygiene then your crown will fail.
  • It is important to visit your dentist every 6 months in order for them to make sure everything looks good and take any preventative actions. 

Will people be able to tell I have a crown?

  • No, Infinite Smiles' crowns are made to look at feel just like your real teeth.  
  • Dr. Day will match the shade of your surrounding teeth and also adjust the crown to provide a natural appearance and normal bite.

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