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Persistent tooth pain upon chewing , experiencing pressure/swelling/tenderness of the gums or sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures are warning signs you may need a root canal.  Dr. Martha Day performs root canal procedures at her private practice Infinite Smiles in El Paso, Texas, to protect your teeth from further damage.

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what is a root canal

Root Canal - A way to take the pain away

What is a Root Canal? 

When the pulp inside the tooth has an infection or is damaged in some other way, such as broken down by a cavity or fractured, Dr. Day must eliminate the infection and restore the tooth.

By removing the nerve of the tooth, she is able to prevent further damage and save the tooth instead of removing the tooth completely.

What are the signs I may need a root canal?

When a tooth needs a root canal it usually causes:

  • occasional or often persistent tooth pain
  • hot or cold sensitivity
  • swelling of the gums
  • darkening of the tooth
  • infection/pus formation

How is it done? 

The root canal procedure is a micro-surgery which is relatively straight-forward and usually pain free.  Dr. Day always takes X-rays before the procedure and then will numb the affected area.  She will then drill a hole into the tooth and remove the damaged nerve using special instruments.

She then seals the tooth and places a temporary filling to prepare it for the next step (crown placement).  A crown is necessary to protect it from fracturing and to fully restore the tooth to its original condition.

Can I postpone my root canal?

Dr. Day never recommends delaying a root canal and often encourages you to start treatment the same day as your diagnosis.

Since the infection inside the tooth can rapidly spread, prolonging treatment can cause further health problems, such as: dental abscesses & infections, tooth loss and even problems to adjacent teeth.

Root Canal FAQs

How long will all this take?

While this is a relatively straight-forward procedure, it must be broken up into at least 2 appointments (~1 - 1.5 hours each).

  1. At your first appointment, Dr. Day will access your tooth canals and remove all the infected nerve. Most of the times we will be able to finish your root canal the same appointment.
  2. At your second appointment, Dr. Day will deliver and place your crown on the tooth to provide the final restoration.

I am not experiencing pain, so why a root canal?

While a tooth which needs a root canal usually causes pain, sometimes this is not the case.  

  • Your tooth may be dead and you are experiencing no pain.  
  • Often times, the first thing you notice in this case is darkening of the tooth.  

*A root canal is still required to save the tooth and prevent further problems with adjacent teeth.*

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