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It is time to replace what is missing in your smile.  Dentures can help you regain that perfect smile you used to have or deliver that smile you never had.  Dr. Martha Day offers custom dentures at her private practice Infinite Smiles in El Paso, Texas, to return your comfortable and beautiful smile.

Dentures may be your preferred option if you are missing many of your natural teeth or when dental implants are not an option.

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what are dentures

Dentures - Replaces what is missing in a big way

What are dentures?

Dentures are man-made prosthesis that replace your missing teeth.  They are designed to adhere to the contour of your gums which provides the adhesion surface.  There are complete dentures, which replace all your teeth and partial dentures, which replace some of your teeth.  

What are the benefits of dentures?

Since every denture is custom made, Dr. Day is able to match your existing unique smile and bite to improve your facial appearance and self-confidence.  They can improve you ability to bite and chew your food, improve speech problems caused by missing teeth and eliminate social awkwardness caused by your missing teeth.  Dentures are made to wear quite comfortably and provide a natural looking smile.  

How do dentures work?

They are designed to fit around your gum tissue and replace the missing spaces.  They can be made to replace one tooth, several teeth or all of your natural teeth.  There are different forms of dentures:

Partial Dentures - made to replace one or more missing teeth.  There are different types of partial dentures (metal, acrylic, valplast, etc), and together we will decide on which partial denture is best for you depending on the number of teeth you have remaining, the quality of bone present and the condition of your other teeth among other factors. 

Complete Dentures - a full set of dentures that replace all of your natural teeth.  An upper impression is taken to yield a mold which cover the entire roof of your mouth.  A lower impression is taken to leave room for your tongue in the middle portion of the lower denture.  In most cases, your upper denture will have enough suction to remain in place without adhesives.  The lower denture will typically not develop suction, but the tongue and cheek muscles can be developed to help keep them in place along with adhesives.

Dr. Day knows your dentures must look and feel natural.  Her office offers a wide range of tooth shapes, tooth colors, gum shades/ridging and tooth texture to help you choose what feels right.

Dentures FAQs

What if I need to extract some teeth but do not want to be without teeth? 

In this case we can offer what is called an “immediate denture”. 

  • This is a prosthesis that is delivered the same day the extractions are completed. 
  • This denture will last for 6 months and after that you will need to invest in a “complete denture”. 

*The reason why a complete denture will be needed is because when your tissues heal you will create voids around the gum/denture interface therefore the “immediate denture” will no longer fit properly.* 

Will I need to use adhesives? 

It all depends on the amount of bone structure you have remaining as  some patients require adhesive help. 

  • Damage to bone structure can be caused by periodontal disease or having been without your natural teeth for a long period of time.  

*In some instances you may need implant placement in order to increase the retention of the denture*

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